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    Biking in Whistler

    With varied terrain including coastal forest to tight and twisty single track rides and steep rock faces, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park has something for every level of rider.

    Also available is the Air Dome, an 8,400-square-foot, covered indoor bike training facility with jumps in progression from two feet high ramps to 26 feet quarter pipes, and types of rides for all abilities. Dirt, Jump, Slopestyle, Downhill and BMX bikes are welcome on the ramps and in the foam pit

    Rentals, sales, clinics, bike camps, lessons and tours are all offered.

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    Whistler Mountain Bike Park

    Offering over 4,900 vertical feet of lift-serviced trails, to say the Whistler Bike Park is big is an understatement. The park offers riding from high alpine, berms, green trails, technical double blacks, jump lines to natural features for all levels. The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is separated into four mountain zones.

    Fitzsimmons Zone

    All Levels: The Fitzsimmons zone runs from the top of the Fitzsimmons Lift to the catch point at Skier’s Plaza right in Whistler Village. Containing the original zone, including the most famous trails like A-Line, B-Line, Dirt Merchant, Canadian Open DH and Crabapple Hits. This is also the site of the Boneyard, home for the Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler.

    Creek Zone

    Advanced/Intermediate Riders: The newest development to the Whistler Bike Park, riders can now upload from Creekside Village and connect into the bike park at the Raven’s Nest.

    Creekside Expansion

    Recommended for advanced and expert riders only: The Creekside Gondola provides access to the Fitz and Garbanzo Zones via Expressway, Lower Freight Train, and No Joke.

    Garbanzo Zone

    Advanced/Intermediate Riders: The Garbanzo Lift brings riders another 2,700 vertical feet above the Fitz Zone. Demanding more technical terrain that's steeper and more aggressive. This zone ranges from the progressive jump and flow of Blue Velvet to the gnarly, rocky terrain of Goat’s Gully and the big jumps of Freight Train.

    Peak Zone

    Advanced: This zone requires an extra ticket and an extra lift. The Peak Zone has a potential descent of 5, 0000 vertical feet from the top of Whistler Peak. This zone features high alpine riding and incredible views. The Top of the World Trail has been carefully crafted through the sensitive alpine environment and rider numbers are limited per day and by weather and snow melt.

    Popular Whistler Mountain Biking Trails

    Top Expert ONLY Rides

    • Drop in Clinic
    • Fatcrobat
    • Goat's Gully
    • Clown Shoes
    • Crabapple Hits

    Top Advanced Rides

    • Upper A-Line
    • Lower A-Line
    • Upper Angry Pirate
    • Canadian Open Course
    • Dirt Merchant

    Top Intermediate Rides

    • Lower Angry Pirate
    • B-Line Connector
    • Upper Crank It Up
    • Lower Crank It Up
    • Devils Club

    Top Easy Rides

    • After Atlantis
    • Crabapple
    • Upper Easy Does It
    • Lower Easy Does It
    • World Cup Single Track